Azur offers a custom made production with an
exclusive line to retail and hospitality solutions
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Thanks to our experience of 15 years, Azur is designed to improve the experience of bath textile with a passion for blending innovation with comfort.
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Portfolio Azur improve the most accurate and efficient solutions according to customers needs in research, design, product development, manufacturing and quality control services All Range


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Bath mats

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Exclusive Qualities

Chain Tricot

Chain Tricot is made with excellent harmony of cotton and microfiber. Produced by Azur within innovative creative designs. It has a feature of less shrinkage and quick-dry thanks to microfiber, andthe cotton part  on reverse side absorbs more water.

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Feel the extraordinary softness and unique touch of Azurtwist.
Made from long staple Turkish cotton. Because of the unique special twist on the yarns, the fibers has air channels arround them which gives these towels superior absorbency and help towels dry quicker allowing air pass throught fibers.

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100% combed cotton construction is with very minor piles which makes it softer in touch and more water absorbent comparated to other heavy towels.
Light weighted, to allow to dry quickly. Especially  an advantage when used inplaces like yatchs, boats, pool and seaside.

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Azurcotton is the highest quality, ultra soft and most luxurious Terry range. Made from 100% ultra long stable Turkish Aegean Cotton harvested from Turkey’s Aegean region famous for growing the World’s finest.

The yarn allow for a larger surface area giving the towels superior absorbency and microscopic space between fibers help towels dry quicker.

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